If It All Gets Too Much

Wisdom Wednesday #2

Hey Crew,

Welcome back!

Some days just don't go as planned, so you better have a strategy in order to save yourself, from yourself.

The spiral to self destruction is an easy path to find yourself on, especially if you don't have any ideas of getting yourself out this predicament.

Too often people's days are ruined because they've got themselves in a mood, are suffering from low energy, or can feel their anger bubbling up.

This is when you need a plan of action in order to restore some calm, order and clarity to your day.


Everything I've listed below is something I've done, and still do, to this day.

So if today gets too much for you,


  • Take a shower - hot or cold, 5 mins or 30 mins. Just let your problems wash away.

  • Change your clothes - a subtle change but will make you subconsciously feel like you're starting your day again/ fresh.

  • Have a nap - a personal favourite of mine, and as above, it helps you feel like you're starting your day again. It's the perfect reset.

  • Phone someone - call someone you trust, call someone who may be going through something that you could help with, talk to someone and forget about your problems.

  • Meditate - take 10 mins - 20 mins to get into a relaxed frame of mind, focus on your breathing and allow your worries to escape you. Transport yourself somewhere else for a bit.

  • Pray - allow yourself to talk to your higher power, to your creator, and to talk about the things you’re grateful for and watch as your current issues seem a lot less important.

  • Go for a walk / run / drive - take this time to concentrate on something else, use these as an opportunity to be in nature, even driving (take yourself to somewhere with beautiful scenery) Maybe even listen to some music or a podcast. Get out of your own head.

  • Do some exercise - get some positive endorphins pumping around your body, do something to better yourself, know that this positive improvement to your body is also doing wonders for your mind.

What these are doing, are taking you out of the moment, removing you from your current situation, flipping a switch in your mind in order to forget your current problem.

Is there anything you could add to this list?

Do you have any techniques/ tactics that help you calm down?

I've written about the Power of the Pause before, but this is different.

This is to entirely change your current frame of mind.

You don’t have to live in the anger, fear or emotional pain. You can get rid of your resentments and your negative mindset by adopting one of these tactics, and putting them into practice anytime you feel your day getting away from you, getting out of control or causing you harm.

It’s not productive, no-one benefits… especially you!

You need to keep your mind working at the best of its ability in order to know when to reset your day.

You need to be in tune with your body, so you know how you are feeling and to know your strengths & weaknesses.

If you're not taking care of yourself, if you’re not looking after your mental health, if you haven't built up a bulletproof mindset then you're going to struggle.

Thankfully, there is a great guide which will help you achieve this.

This guide will provide you with the motivation to build a strong and positive mindset with practices designed to improve your life.

This guide will allow you the chance to be your best.

Check it out here 👇


Take care,


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