You Are Energy

Wisdom Wednesday #1

Hey everyone,

Welcome back!

2020 has seen a surge of negative energy.

Viruses, riots, human trafficking and a whole lot of fear from the media.

It hasn’t been a great year, for most, so far. But you don’t have to allow the negative energy to consume you and destroy you internally.

You can flip it and use it for your own positive progress.

Don’t forget: You have a choice and you have free will.

You don’t need to let the fear being pumped out into the world negatively affect your eternal energy.

You are energy

It’s not a stretch to imagine that we are, as human beings, balls of energy. In fact, it’s pretty safe to say that we are.

Think of it like this:

We're eternal energy sources.

Our bodies are on loan.

We're here to collect data.

From our past, present and future.

This data is stored, interpreted and used by our continued conscious.

And used again.

To become higher beings.

- @BirthofClarity

When you are around low energy, such as negativity and fear, you feel heavy. You feel doom and gloom weighing you down. It becomes hard to breath and you feel hopeless. You don’t feel like living. And that’s the human “experience” our spirit soul is having.

Yet, when you are around high energy, such as positivity and joy, you feel light. Your spirit feels lifted and you want to live forever. This is stored, and hopefully, retained for future “experiences”.

If you allow negativity in, you are depleting your natural energy.

Unnatural energy

When the death tolls were being displayed 24/7 on our screens:

Don't you think that was spreading massive fear?

Don't think that was spreading massive negative energy?

Your natural energy was being depleted.

We all needed some positive energy, yet we then got riots.

More fear.


Computer technology has lead to the decrease in your natural energy too.

Sitting in front of a screen all day for work, hobby or habit is stifling your natural energy.

And social media is one of the biggest sources of unnatural energy.

Unfortunately, many people use social media like fuel.

Every RT, like and follow, a dopamine hit that provides them with the energy to go about their day.

It's unnatural.

Make sure you're regularly taking breaks from it because:

It's not real energy.

The rise in artificial intelligence will lead to a further decrease in our natural energy, and maybe a lot fewer people.

Back to nature

Pursuing your higher mind should be one of your top priorities whilst you're in your human form.

You're doing your natural energy a disservice by not striving to gain as much knowledge as possible during your physical existence.

And you'll find the key to restoring and replenishing your energy levels within nature.


Stick us in the sun and watch our energy grow.

  • Sunshine heals & recharges

  • Sea swims heal & recharge

  • Fresh air heals & recharges

  • Being in nature heals & recharges

  • Beach walks heal & recharge

Be in a more natural environment in order to replenish your energy:

  • Go hiking

  • Get fresh air

  • Walk in nature

  • Swim in the sea

  • Lay on the beach

  • Climb some trees

Do things that help you harness that energy within you. And avoid things that drain it.

Take care of yourself.


Once you start thinking of yourself as energy, energy that is eternal and energy that needs harnessing & protecting, you'll start to realise that; the more energy you waste on anger, fear, jealousy and negativity, the more energy you're depleting from your human experience and less positive information you're gathering for your future beyond this world.

Now, this may not be something you subscribe to as a thought process but allow what I've said to sink in a little and see where it sits with you after some thorough contemplation.

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so please get in contact.

And remember, it's up to us to spread some POSITIVE energy into a world that is suffering.

That's what I'm trying to do, will you join me?

Take care,


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