The Date Has Been Set

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Dear reader,

The date has been set.

Will you be joining me?

If you’ve been following along, I’ve set myself two 90-day challenges to run simultaneously alongside each other as I look to improve my life.

As announced a few days ago, I will be undertaking a fitness journey and an energy mastery journey. Two 90-day investments into my emotional, spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing.

My hope is that by taking these challenges together (or at least one) we can provide accountability for each other as we make progress over the three months.


They say that you need to commit to something for at least three months to see some significant improvements, and that’s the plan!

I’ve admitted to being out of shape.

I’ve admitted to succumbing to desire.

I’ve admitted to eating too much chocolate.

I’ve admitted to giving in to temptations.

And I’ve done so to prove to you that I’m ready to take these journeys with you.

But I realise you may not believe me.

So, I will be posting proof of how out of shape I’ve gotten and humbling myself with measurements and some photos.

It’s going to be embarrassing for me, but it needs to be done.

Anyway, as I said at the top, the date has been set.

I will be starting these 90-day challenges on August 1st and will aim to provide daily updates on my progress.

If you would like to join me, then click the links:



I hope to see you soon.

Thank you for reading.

Take care,


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