Protect Your Mental Health

Mindset Monday #1

Hey everyone,

Welcome back!

Mental health issues are at an all-time high.

I think that's fair to say.

Whether you consider them to be related to major issues, or not, the fact remains that there are a lot of people struggling nowadays.

I've talked before about the effects of digital dopamine consumption and how readily available & addictive prescription medication and alcohol is.

It's no wonder people are struggling with addictions and mental health issues when we’re constantly being bombarded with images of sex, violence and fear. When we have to listen to songs depicting violence, drink & drugs and sex. And when advertising is geared heavily around sex, instant gratification and booze.

And this could be describing anything from pornography to video games, or even music videos to the nightly news!

So if you were already susceptible to addiction, or in a vulnerable mental state, or just that your mind has been weakened by years of trauma or over exposure to these tactics, then you’re more than likely going to be suffering as a result.


When I say tactics, I mean from corporations. From big businesses. And even from mental health professionals.

You see, everything is about money. Everything is designed for you to become a repeat customer, whether that is detrimental to your mental health or not.

Everything is a business, and you’re their customer.


  • Stop consuming negative media

  • Quit watching hours of porn

  • Avoid sleep deprivation

  • Reduce/ eliminate caffeine

  • Reduce/ eliminate alcohol

  • Stop doing hardcore/ any drugs

  • Quit negative self talk

  • Eliminate energy drinks

  • Get professional help for trauma

By doing these things you're increasing your chances of living free of any mental struggles.

What else would you add to this list?

Is there anything you're struggling with?


Your obsessions can be very powerful and consuming. Consuming of your time, money and energy. They can become your entire life to the point of addiction.

It is easy to forget but:

  • Your obsession with social media will eventually affect your social life.

  • Your obsession with pornography will eventually affect your sex life.

  • Your obsession with alcohol will eventually affect your body.

  • Your obsession with drugs will eventually affect your mind.

You can counteract, and eventually replace, your negative obsessions with positive ones but sometimes that requires an extra level of dedication and motivation.

Do you believe you can be obsessed with something positive, positively?

Is obsession a negative word? Or can you flip it for positive reasons?


It's imperative that you protect your mental health. Your mind is your most important tool, and if you think of it like that then you know it has to be protected.

I've already mentioned some tactics you can deploy but incase they are too hard then here are 6 easy wins to keep your mental health on track:

  1. Drink more water than you currently do

  2. Get more sleep, or utilize naps

  3. Cut out sugar and processed foods

  4. Get more exercise

  5. Be out in nature more often, in fresh air and swim in the sea

  6. Seek help from a therapist, support group or trusted friend if you're struggling

I hope you've found some value in this newsletter, and if you have any thoughts or questions on anything I've raised here, then please get in contact.

Before I go,

There is one more thing I recommend you do:

With all the issues revolving around mental health nowadays, it seems like the perfect time to build a Bulletproof Mindset. To flip the negative mindset that has allowed in your obsessions and addictions, and regain control of your mental health with a more positive attitude… and the motivation to change.

My friend, Scott, has released a book of battle tested methods that has not only seen his life improve dramatically, but also that of his family, and those that have already read his book… myself included!

So, get back your motivation, get back your positive mindset and get your copy today 👇


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