Media Life Ponderings

Questions and Deliberations

Welcome back!

As I experience my enthusiasm for Twitter decrease with every passing day, I'm forced to look inwardly and ask myself a few questions about ‘media life’.

With content suppression on social media platforms clearly a real thing, my Twitter appears to have been targeted - although why they would is beyond me - however, the ‘vanity metrics’ seem that clearly, this is the case.

The numbers don't add up and if you've followed me on the propaganda platform for a while, you'll know that this has definitely happened before.

However, the question is really, why do I continue to use a platform that does not really bring much in the way of benefits to my life?

Yes, I enjoy the social side of it, and I’ve been lucky enough to have made some good friends from it. I've read some amazing content and been inspired by so many. And I’ve also managed to help some people along the way, which is awesome.

But the answer lies in the power of promoting platforms such as this newsletter, my Telegram channel and my website, plus any future projects I have in the works. Platforms away from the toxic realms of social media.

I guess my ‘worry’, for the lack of a better word, is that I will not be able to get my voice out there without using Twitter as my megaphone.

But with people obviously not seeing my content, what is the point?

How do I build a successful newsletter, Telegram channel and/or website without the promotional tool of the big blue bird?

Word of my mouth with this newsletter only happens if readers share it and rarely does that happen. Maybe the content isn't worth sharing? However, the personal messages and financial support would indicate otherwise.

Also, my personal enjoyment in writing these and inspiring at least one person to get in touch is rewarding enough in itself, so the study of 'vanity metric' unwittingly created in my mind - as with a lot of generations by our overexposure to ‘(social) media life’ - is not really an issue in this instance.

The Telegram channel is something I would like to explore more of but the thought of constantly using my phone - a necessity to elevate such a platform - is a barrier I either need to hurdle or just be content with the fact that it only grows through word of mouth and with people happy with the sporadic content I put out.

My website is a tricky one because I view the content I publish here as my 'website' so maybe I should scrap the whole notion of having a ‘hub’ for my writing... especially when the hub is just gathering dust and is an extravagant luxury that serves no real purpose, currently.

I'm pondering these things out loud to you loyal readers because I have a voice that I feel if heard, could be of help to people.

However, maybe my vocal cords, or in this case, my typing fingers, are best saved for interactions with those around me and for personal purposes.

As I've said in the past, I am no one really, aside from a person with a lot of life experiences, who has been through a lot of ups and downs - and is still here to tell my tales.

My hope has always been to help people with what I've learnt throughout my journey in order for others to either choose to avoid the dark pits I’ve fallen into or to use the tools I did in order to start the sometimes treacherous climb back into the light.


Loyals readers, my apologies for ‘thinking out loud’ in this manner but it'd be counterproductive of me to keep these ponderings to myself because maybe someone reading this has an answer that hadn't come to my mind yet or which I would never have thought of.

Don't be mistaken though, the Twitter thing isn't something that will keep me awake at night because it will simply be a case of deleting the account and moving on with my life.

No one ever said on their death bed that they wished they'd spent more time on social media.

I'm trying to do the things that truly matter in life and have no regrets when my time comes.

I believe I have found my voice through these newsletters but I guess only you, my awesome readers can be the judge of that. But I'd be deceiving myself if I didn't think maybe I am not cut out for 'media life’.

Anyway, these are the things I've been thinking about over the last few days.

If you have enjoyed this or any of my recent newsletters and feel they'll be beneficial for someone else to read, please don't hesitate to share them.


In the meantime, for the time being, I'll speak to you again soon.

Thank you for reading “Media Life Ponderings”.

I appreciate the positive responses I got from my last newsletter “You Have The Power”.

Take care,


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