Join Me As We Dive Into The Chaotic Mind Of A Former Alcoholic

The Chaos And Clarity Journals

Dear reader,

Clarity & Chaos, Light & Darkness, Self-Improvement & Self-Sabotage.

This is literally my life.

Every time I achieve clarity, chaos strikes. Every time I feel like I’m soaking up the light, darkness swallows me whole. Every time I start a journey of self-improvement, I find a way to sabotage myself.

And this is the purpose behind The Chaos And Clarity Journals - to document the Yin and the Yang.

Chaos and the challenges

As you may be aware, if you’ve opened your previous emails, I’ve started two personal challenges.

One to improve my fitness and the other to harness my natural sexual energy.

But as I’ve just mentioned, whenever I seem to undertake these improvement journeys, chaos isn’t far behind.

Hence, the Chaos Journal.

I started the chaos journal because I regularly open up and speak honestly about certain subjects that people wouldn’t necessarily share but I feel are important.

By doing so I feel like I’m sharing my soul. Not each and every time but certainly on occasions. And this soul-baring is something I feel only a select few should be privy to.

I will touch upon subjects regarding the feelings, emotions and behavioural habits of addiction and recovery from someone who has been there and done that.

I will open up about loss and how it makes you feel. How I didn’t cope with loss very well when I was drinking and drugging.

I will share stories of the chaos of addiction. I will also open up about the difficulties I still struggle with and the wars I’m still fighting.

I will reveal the struggles I’ve dealt with over the last few years which I haven’t spoken about publicly yet. Not as an attention-seeking exercise but rather to help those who are going through the same thing.

And I will now offer the other side to my recently embarked upon challenges.


This is just a short email to let you know that the first Chaos Journal entry drops tomorrow (August 4th).

In it, I’ll be opening up about my recent thoughts about my sobriety and deciding whether it is for me.

I hope you join me and the others in our little chaotic community.

Thank you for reading.

Take care,


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