Fight On

Fuck Fear

Welcome back!

The war you wage against your destructive habits and behaviours can be won or lost in your head.

Days, months or even years of positive progress can be destroyed by devious devils determined to drag you down.

Allowing your mind to be infested with thoughts that your old way of life, your old habits and your go-to stress/anxiety relievers are going to help you despite the fact they’ve always decimated any momentum you’ve made, is a sickness many suffer from.

Succumbing to triggers that alter your trajectory and catapult you back into substance abuse, porn use, overeating junk food, or whatever vice/addiction you’d previously overcome, can disintegrate the building blocks you’d successfully put in place to climb out of your self-destructive mindset.

But quell your fondness for fear and your sentiment for self-sabotage, and you'll conquer more days, months and years than you lose.


Treating the root of your issues is the simplest, yet the hardest, way to break down your reliance on the things that have ultimately held you back and stopped you from reaching your true calling in life.

I’ll use myself as an example.

I haven’t written a newsletter for a few days because I allowed fear to creep into my mind and poison my thinking.

Fear of failure, fear of ‘vanity’ metrics falling, fear of oversharing and the fear that this is all a big waste of time, are just some of the self-doubts that have penetrated the consistency and momentum I had built.

The root of my issues can be found in my fears and with deeper inspection, there is ultimately so much more to be found. The complexity of which I can’t sum up in a short newsletter.

But for those of you that find yourself breaking the bonds of your self-improvement, shattering your self-growth and managing to undo your hard work & momentum, try to look deep within to figure out why.

Sometimes you may feel that the positive progress you have been making is at odds with who you think you are, or in this case, who you WERE. You see, it will sometimes take a sizeable amount of time to destroy the links between your old habits, behaviours, morals, values and beliefs until you fully adopt your new life-altering changes.

It has already happened to me. But I must jump back on the horse and ride down the road to redemption. I must fight on.


As I find myself writing again, something that I enjoy doing, I want to remind you that when you're pursuing positive progression and sustainable self-growth, don't allow yourself to be manipulated by misery or deceived by depression.

Don’t allow the demons of your past destroy your present and future. You’re building yourself to be the person you want to be and no one should be able to steal that from you… and you shouldn’t steal it from yourself with self-sabotaging actions.

Remember, you will continue to feel inner turmoil the more you allow the things you’re trying to overcome affect the rewarding changes you are trying to make.

You must overcome and overthrow the obstacles placed in your path, and power your way to your potential.


Thank you for reading “Fight on”.

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Take care,


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