Disservice To Your Manhood

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Here's a thought:

What if countries focused on mandating stricter restrictions on porn sites and protecting the youth that way instead of lining them up for a vaccine they probably don't need?

If access restrictions were tightened and/or social media sites like Twitter were held accountable for the ease in which x-rated material can be found & viewed on their platforms, then porn addiction may not be as prevalent as it is today.

I've written many pieces on this in the past via my website and this newsletter.

But I've never touched upon the fact that you just need to check out the video categories and video titles listed on these websites to know it's some soul damaging shit.

From Tr*nny to Gr*nny, to Te*n to In*est

There is some seriously disturbing stuff.

And I've only chosen four here.

Imagine if your kids/future kids saw the titles of these movies you'd been watching or worst still, what if they caught you watching them...

What would they say to you?

They'd be mortified, right!?

If you know this then you need to stop watching them.

You need to stop yourself from logging onto these sites.

If you don't see any problem in watching porn, then you need to stop thinking of it like you normally would and take a step back.

You need to think about the physical act of sex and how porn isn't that.

You need to think about what it is doing to you mentally - I've spoken about Ted Bundy previously.

You need to change your views on porn before porn changes your views on sex.

You need to find clarity around NOT watching porn again because it's not serving you any good.

If you're stuck in a perpetual cycle of porn, ejaculation, disgust & regret, then you need to get honest with yourself and admit porn isn't healthy for you.

You need to find a way out and start living your life again.

If you think you have a problem, give Joseph's course a go.

For me, it really hits the nail on the head and provides a clear-minded approach to a complicated problem while offering you the chance to break free of this dirty vice.

Break free today and stop wasting your sexual energy on porn - it's doing a disservice to your manhood.

I want to quit porn

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