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Get In And Get Out - Nature Is Calling

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People are losing their minds on social media.

Watching people argue over politics and QAnon, Covid and vaccines, pronouns and gender, just goes to show that some people don't have a lot going on in their lives.

It's honestly like watching mental health deteriorating before your very eyes. A cesspool of cretinous creatures causing chaos, conflict and crying fake tears; all for the world to see.

Their fake outrage, their cancel culture, their anxieties thrust upon us, their white-knighting, their virtue signalling - it's not healthy - and a generation is going to be ruined by the behaviours of people unable to cope with the vast reach of social media, and their addiction to it, and the empowerment the mainstream media has given them.

And this newsletter wasn't even intended to be about social media/mainstream media, however, I saw a video that showed a bunch of triggered people struggling to get through a conference without bringing up one insane ‘fake’ anxiety issue/privilege after another, in a bizarre display of one-upmanship, which was disturbing to see, to say the least.

Nature is the great equaliser

I'm not sure what's going on in the world at the moment but the craziness is definitely caught in a bubble of negativity on social media and in the mainstream media. A bubble that could well pop and expose a lot more people to the previously contained chaos.

But if/when that time comes, if you’re able to switch off social media and drown out the media and not let them be an issue in your life then you don't need to get caught up in the drama - freeing yourself from the insanity.

If you can delete the destructive need for social media dopamine hits and the attention that you can get from the outside world while sitting at your computer screen, and instead, broaden your horizons, expand your worldview, and not get caught up in the conflict nature of media platforms - it’s likely you’ll be operating at a higher level than most.

By building yourself up and not allowing the low energy, fear spreading propaganda to penetrate your defensive shields of positivity then you're truly operating at an elite level.

By immersing yourself in sunlight, nature, healthy habits, nutritious food, wholesome connections, exercise and goodness, you’re already performing in the upper echelon of society.

And if you’re ever tempted to fall back into the digital dopamine trap, remember, nature is the great equaliser.

Nature is good. Nature is pure. Nature is far removed from the digital dopamine you're being fed every time you look at your screen, click on your messages, scroll through your timelines. And when you're bombarded by newsreaders scaring you into complying with new crazy rules, being guilted in following new insane trends or accepting the ‘new normal’.

Your subconscious is being drowned by the nonsense it absorbs.

Consciously you can stop yourself from reading/viewing the absurd but subconsciously, the negativity will, unfortunately, find a way in.

But only if you continue to expose yourself to the low energy vampires determined to suck the spirit from your soul as they push their agendas, narratives and insecure attention seeking on the world.

Delete their noise from your life

If you need to use social media for promotions, for genuine connections, et cetera, then my advice is to get in and get out. Don't dwell.

Don't allow yourself to get sucked into their drama. They just want your attention and they're not worth you giving it to them.

You're an elite human being and a sublime eternal spirit whose soul should not be destroyed because others need to push their pronoun preferences, their randomly generated gender guides, their oversensitive sensory issues and their easily offended triggers on you.

You don't need to listen to their negativity. You’re on the path to greatness - don't forget that.

You’re here to become the best version of yourself you can be. Explore as much of the human form as possible. Push yourself to the limit in order to find out what you are capable of.

You're here to make genuine, lasting connections with other human beings - not energy-sucking vampires looking to drain your spirit levels like beer from a tap.

Don't let yourself get caught up in social media drama.

Don't let yourself be the victim of mainstream media propaganda.

Don't let yourself be dragged down by those who are only trying to climb over you but with nothing to add.

You're unique. You're great. You’re elite. Don't forget that.


Thank you for reading “Delete Tweet, Be Elite”.

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