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Birth of Clarity #11

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Twatter Chatter

Once again over at Twitter dot com, my account is suffering from algorithmic suppression.

I've experienced this at least once a month since the beginning of the year. I'm not sure why, but it is very noticeable. It happens for around 5 days at a time and engagement drops every time, only to rebound spectacularly.

But rather than complain, I've realised that this is just another sign that I should be writing more for you guys here, refining my writing/ message and moving away from a reliance on platforms I don't have any control over.

Yes, I realise don't have any control over Substack, but they seem like a company that gives free speech a chance. Plus, I'm not exactly saying anything about them that they may feel like suppressing. Unlike Twatter (this isn't a typo).

THIS is the kind of nonsense happening over there and since calling it out, I've been "punished."

Just like some of your favourite twitter peeps who have been banned at some point or another, and places like Mailchump and YT regularly censoring their users, these platforms aren't the most stable places, even if your message isn't particularly controversial.

Of course, there could always be something nore sinister going on.

Hear me out

When bizarre censorship like this happens, there is always the chance that it's being done deliberately, but not for the obvious reasons you may think.

My theory, and it's obviously just a theory, is that when you are chasing/ addicted to the vanity metrics you're more likely to disclose personal stories in order to gain more attention. I've been guilty of it.

Classic data collection tactics:

They partially suppress content until you, the user, “open up" and give out more information about you, and your life. Your likes, dislikes and everything in between.

It's been proven in the Cambridge Analytica case with Facebook and the US Presidential Elections, that your data is key. In fact,

Data is now the most valuable currency on earth.

Viruses, Riots and Fear

There is a lot going on in the world right now. Viruses and riots.


When the death tolls were being displayed on our screens, on all channels, in all countries, 24/7…

Don't you think that was spreading worldwide fear?

Don't you think that was spreading worldwide negative energy?

We can argue all day about whether the pandemic was real/ fake, or whether the riots were real/ manipulated.

Yet the majority of us can agree that the media, and governments, are corrupt.

Shouldn't that prove that we need to question everything presented to us?

We're so quick to fight each other rather than question the true enemy.

We're unwilling to see the lies & agendas that perpetuate violence and turn a blind eye to the games that they're playing, in plain sight.

These games are being played on social media and in the mainstream media too.

Fear is an addiction preyed upon by those who have the means to exploit it, and by those who have the most to gain, and have by far the biggest reach.

The media are seen as the go-to source of factual information, but are widely known to be seasoned liers and mind control manipulators.

Those Murder Hornets must be waiting for the riots to finish...?

If you don't question the official narratives given by the mainstream media, you're blindly following/ supporting something, or someone, that may have no clue about what is actually going on.

Just because it's on the TV or on Twitter, doesn't make it true, or make the person an expert.

Speed is the name of the game

It appears that the quicker you get your narrative out, the quicker it becomes fact.

Whether it's the truth, or not.

Journalism has become less about getting the information correct and more about who gets it out the fastest.

Once the story is out it becomes fact. And then the real truth is harder to convince the masses with.

Journalism is like the fast food industry after snorting cocaine.


We need to end the fear being spread, by starving the media of your attention.

We need to realise that media is a business and what sells is fear.

We need to realise that viewership equals ratings, rating equals money.

Money equals power, power equals control.

Control is the key.

Control of the weak minded who buy into the fear without questioning sources, narratives, agendas and FACTS. These same people are quick to outrage and tear down the past with the latest exploits of cancel culture.

These are the people that really need to look inwardly and work on strengthening their mental, physical and emotional health.

Let's avoid the noise and continue to work on ourselves. Be the best versions of ourselves we can be. And spread positivity in all our interactions.

Much love to you all.

Any feedback, support or suggestions are welcome.

Take care,


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